Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the boat be used for Static Living accommodation?

No, the boats are licenced with the Canal and River Trust for ‘continuous cruising’ and are hired very much in good faith to be used as part of a continuous cruising holiday exploring the inland Waterways of England and Wales. Although it will be fine to stay in one area for a week or so to explore and sightsee in a particular place of interest.

Is there car parking?

Yes there is secure car parking on site available at £50 per month of hire.

Do we have to empty the toilet?

Yes, the boats have holding tanks on board which will need to be emptied every two weeks or so, most boatyards will carry out this service for you at the cost of around £20.

Can we bring our dog?

Your family pet is more than welcome, and a canal boat holiday is an ideal holiday for you four legged friend. There is a small charge of £25 per dog.

Do we get tuition?

Don’t panic if this is your first narrowboating experience, we are well practiced in instructing you to get you off to a great start on you holiday. Our instruction includes tuition on how all aspect of the boat works of course along with the vital safety instructions. We also give you practical steering instruction along with meeting you at your first lock and talking you through the operation of them with practical instruction.

Are narrowboats easy to steer?

Our boats are very easy to navigate, they are built to ensure easy maneuverability and we won’t leave you until you are comfortable and relaxed in handling you holiday boat.

How do we choose a route?

We are spoilt for choice at Weedon, we have a delightful choice of routes. Your choice of route for your break very much depends on what you are seeking to get from your canal adventure. Our local routes include wide and narrow locks, staircase locks, tunnels, aqueducts, swing bridges, museums, a vast array of pub and restaurants, along of course with our stunning Northamptonshire countryside. Our experienced team will guide you on your choice of route to suit your needs and expectations.

Will there be lifejackets for our children?

Yes, we provide lifejackets and instruct you on how to fit them safely. All our lifejackets conform to European safety standards.

How do we find you in Weedon?

Please see this PDF document for directions by road or rail.

Is there a fridge on board?

Yes all our boats have fridges with a small freezer compartment.

Is there charging points for our Phones and ipads?

All our boats have a mains 240V supply. All we ask is that you charge items through the day when the engine is running to conserve your boats overnight battery consumption.

How big are the beds on board?

All the beds are 6'3" long, the double beds are 4’6” wide and the single beds are 2'3" wide, all quite generous sizes for narrowboat beds!

Is there cooking equipment on board?

Each boat has a four burner hob, oven and grill. An electric toaster and microwave along with a comprehensive inventory in the galley. We can supply an inventory list on request.

I'm visiting from overseas, are there places to stay nearby before or after my holiday (and other related questions)

Please see our overseas visitors page where this and other related questions are answered.